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About a year ago, we took to the streets wearing hoodies and holding up signs with slogans like ‘I am Trayvon Martin’, ‘Justice for Trayvon Martin’, ‘Post-Racial America does exist’… Twitter blew up, Facebook blew up, Instagram blew up, and all other social networks. All in demand for justice. Two weeks ago, the same social networks blew up again, this time Donald Sterling was trending. It didn’t take long before Sterling was kicked to the curb. The past week the world has been united in one cause: showing solidarity with the families of the 200+ girls kidnapped in Nigeria and demanding for the finding of these girls and that efforts geared towards this, are increased.

Today, all those that marched, have forgotten about Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. No one is talking so much about racial inequality in the system.


All the keyboard warriors have been quiet because Mr Sterling has a lifetime ban from the NBA  which of course, solves the problem. Institutional racism did after all, begin with Donald Sterling and this ban on Sterling means all blacks now have equal employment opportunities and equal college acceptance rates. YAY! The system is now a just one.


In a few days, maybe a week or so, regardless of whether the missing girls are found or not, we will stop protesting and begin to show solidarity with the families solely via social media. This too will come to pass.


We will then press pause on our activism, waiting for the next Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride, Donald Sterling and another Missing girls bandwagon to trend and jump on it. In the meantime, let’s all watch some REALITY TV.

Sorry what was that?

The rape of underage girls and women in Congo?

The bombing of hospitals, schools and villages in Sudan?

Child trafficking in Pakistan?

Child labor in Burundi?

Child soldiers in South Sudan?

The marginalisation of whites in South Afrika?

How the music I listen to promotes violence and substance abuse?

Apartheid in Palestine?

The ‘war against terror’?…

Erm, excuse me… I don’t think you heard me right. Those are called DOCUMENTARIES, not REALITIES. I’m talking about those where individuals are paid to act a fool, show me how glamorous their lives are, once in a while throw in some drama for some balance, or go to the beach, party, have sex *repeat cycle*, for me to press pause on my life and help them make a shit load of money while at it. That reality. You know Jersey Shore, Basketball Wives, Keeping up with the Kardashians e.t.c?

And dare they cancel these REALITY SHOWS! We shall raise all hell until this demand is met with some supply. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!